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It’s just regular (unseasoned) rice, not sushi rice. You do want to use medium-grain or short-grain rice, because it needs to be sticky—so if that’s what you mean by sushi rice, it’s more about getting the right kind than any special technique.


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I don’t think the methanol is the primary concern; it’s just one of them. It won’t make you go blind, because of the ethanol consumption, but it won’t leave you feeling good either.

The net result of 40% abv applejack is something like the worst rotgut whiskey. It won’t make you go blind, and it probably won’t kill you—but it might well make you wish you were dead.

Drinking a glass of water with each shot would certainly help, just as it does when drinking large amounts of any spirit.


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Depends how much you drink. The methanol is already in your cider or wine; applejack or ice wine just concentrates it, along with everything else that’s not water. That makes it easier to take in too much, whereas the sheer volume will slow you down from doing it with non-distilled alcoholic liquids.

Also, as to methanol specifically, the ethanol will help to inhibit the breakdown of methanol in the body into formate, which (I understand) is what’s actually toxic. That’s the reason that a bottle of scotch can actually be used to treat methanol poisoning.

The other stuff, though, isn’t neutralized in the same way.

I think, anyway. It’s been decades since I took a chemistry class, so I might be misstating some of the finer points.


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They’d sometimes get applejack up to 40% ABV, not just 44 proof.

The problem, which comes up with ice wine as well, is that you’re not just concentrating ethanol, which is a desirable toxin. You’re also concentrating undesirable toxins like methanol and aldehydes.

The same thing happens with stills that use evaporative distillation, but there they distiller can divert the head and tail (ie, the stuff that boils off first and the stuff that boils off last) and keep it away from final product. You can’t do that with applejack, which means it’s likely to be a wicked buzz if you choose to drink something at 40 abv


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They’re paying him as a top-10 WR; he was barely in the top 30 last year. Yeah, his QB situation sucked, but that’s part of the reason you don’t pay a guy top-10 money when you have bigger holes on your roster.


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If there was a surefire-elite QB in this draft, I’d say it was reasonable. But for this class? It’s too much. And that’s after taking into account that the Panthers overpaid Moore, so dumping him helps to bring the deal back closer to par.