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Mass shootings, though scary, account for a very small percentage of gun violence and fatalities. Take 2022 for example, there were a total of 20,138 firearm deaths (excluding suicide).

74 (0.36%) of those deaths were from mass shootings.

The media sure does a great job of highlighting the real issue.



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Hypothetically, if there was an indigenous tribe called the Coali that burned coal to survive as a tradition, would you still support protecting them from wind mills?


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So an indigenous tribe’s right to herd reindeer is more important than averting a climate crisis? This just shows it was never about solving climate change, but being politically correct.

If an indigenous tribe wanted to burn coal all day, should we respect that and not build green energy on their land? Absolutely ridiculous.


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700 feet would be 50 stories+

The last two towers to meet that were the Laurel (which was planned in 2014 and still not complete) and Comcast 2 (which was an a rated credit tenant - Comcast - signing a long term lease for most of the building).

Sorry but, we are 20+ years away from another supertall.