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The article didn't make much hay about the funding either. Seems there was another agenda more important than accurately representing the situation at hand. Now why would that be?

Had the AF decided to 'find the money' and continue the program would this piece have taken the AF to task for defying Congress' wishes?

Are we missing the whole point of the DoD being charged to be 'responsible stewards of taxpayer money and resources'? I could see this article being written to highlight the AF's efforts to live up to their mandate, doing Congress' bidding and all that.


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Yeah, I fear that a single pod of detergent is still too much for the ~3 gallons of water used by a front loader during the wash cycle.

Repair guy said a good test for over-soaping is to take clean towels and run them thru a rinse cycle, with no detergent. Soap bubbles in the rinse means you have soap left over in your towels and need to reduce the amount of detergent you are using. Yeah, I failed that test! ;)


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How's the detergent drawer doing? Ours grew pink stuff in the corners so we took to pulling the drawer out to allow the hole to dry. We also left the washer door fully open when not in use. I still felt the need to run the 'clean' cycle monthly, but that may have been because I used too much detergent. These things need like a teaspoon and that's it.


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>Speed Queen Classic Clean™

This indicates the agitator moves separately from the tub. The only top load model that has this specification is the TC5.

>Speed Queen Perfect Wash™

This is the description of the other 3 models of top loaders SQ sells. The agitator is fixed to the tub so there's reduced agitation action.

How did I find this out? Lorain Furniture & Appliance YT channel. This is the video review of the TC5 model we bought and have enjoyed for the past few years. Old school model as hell.

DYK that Maytag washers don't do full hot water washes? They use blended with cold in "Hot" mode, which results in lukewarm washing.


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Just how many years of influence did that one Bush have? Most of Reagan's time in office, his own time in office, and his son's 2 terms?

If it's true that Bush was involved in JFK's assassination, can we add LBJ's time to the tally?