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There’s a pdf on the states web site somewhere and there’s a lot of information about the process

You have to have the air bags inspected and certified, it does not matter if they went off or not

It has to be towed to inspection, no tires can touch the ground

They go through the whole car, not just the part that was in the accident


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Just ran into the same situation with my car, luckily the insurance company let me buy it back for $250 and they left it registered and they cut me a check for the difference of the total loss. I was planning on buying it for salvage and bringing it for inspection. I spoke with a few mechanics and they all told me it’s a difficult process and almost everyone fails there 1st time. Make sure you review there rules before heading up there. Good luck, let me know how you make out.


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Buy a dehydrator and make your own. It’s half the fun. Get a good top round or London broil when it’s on sale ( it takes a lot to make a little) and have at it.


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20’years ago the Bridgeport area seamed to be loaded with them and I was talking to someone recently and mentioned that you do not see them anymore and was told that they were nesting in the utility poles and burning out transformers etc and they were poisoned off by the utility company. This is just what I was told and believe it to be true but can’t confirm