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Better controller? That is entirely your preference and not a fact. I cannot play on a ps5 for more than 45 min before my thumbs cramp and hurt. I could play Xbox all day. And a side note, I have no experience here with the mic, but the xbox Kinect having a mic was the absolute worse. You’d get on a match and here 5 different peoples whole house. The controller is probably better, but I only see a disaster. Xbox controllers you can plug a $5 headphone in and use.

I’ve been playing Xbox for 20 something years now and never struggle to find games. I can still even find battlefield 1 games easily. Player base is perfectly fine. Especially on the games you mentioned.

If you feel like you need to play those games then ps5 is the choice for you.

Can PlayStations just randomly change regions? I’m honestly not sure about that.


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Want the biggest library possible for the least amount of money? Xbox with game pass. Like online multiplayer? Xbox. Want to play on the go or don’t care about FPS or graphics? Switch. Can’t miss out on like the 5 exclusives everyone thinks is a can’t miss that’s on PS? PS5


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See if you can find an OG Xbox one. They have a pass through that you can plug HDMI in and get a channel guide for tv and I believe you can rewind/pause live tv. Maybe that feature was removed? Not sure. And I believe you can still voice control of you can find a Kinect with one.

But to answer your question.. go with the ps4