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That’s almost $1100 USD. I could find much better phones new here in the US for $1100. Hell I paid $1100 USD for my 14 Pro 256gb new but I know US prices are different than euros moneys.


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Yeah I have a hard time believing that with how many devices are for sale with iCloud lock on them. If it was easy or at least possible to remove the lock, you’d sure think these large eBay sellers would do it to be able to sell devices for more money. Also iCloud lock is administered through the phone contacting Apples servers when it’s connected to the internet, so removing the lock wouldn’t work unless the device somehow stayed offline from Wi-Fi and cellular data which is unrealistic as doing anything these days needs some form of connection to the internet. The only way to get around the lock would be to change the serial number and IMEI so that way when it phones home to apples server, it would show as a device that wasn’t locked.


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It’s good, but not as good as a 12 Pro Max or base model 13. The 12 Pro Max was the first phone to introduce sensor shift technology and it is a game changer that the normal 12 doesn’t have. All of the 13 & 14 series has it, but only the 12 Pro Max has it from the 12 lineup.


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Yeah, I know how to flash software on iPhones, and once a firmware isn’t signed anymore (which iOS 15 isn’t being signed anymore), you can’t flash it anymore. Yes a factory reset removes all user data, but what other options do you have. Back up to iCloud and restore data afterwards.