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Mountain bikers destroy trails. At least climbers are pro-environment. Don't leave trash, pick up other people's trash, follow the park rules regarding pets, etc.

New routes are definitely cleaned and there are effects there, but I'd imagine the effects are a lot less than what a hiker would do.


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Depends how much it pops.

136 dB is really loud. Also Bels are not really a unit. You take the logarithm of a pressure relative to 20 microPascals (the threshold of human hearing), so it's unitless. Deci-bels are 1/10 as large as a Bel and just make the numbers easier. Otherwise, we'd be talking about 13.6 Bels.

Beyond that I understand part of it. An octave is a power of 2, so 20 Hz to 40 Hz. The 1/3 octave part means that between 2 octaves, you have 3 bands. So for 20 Hz, the range of interest is 20/2^1/3 to 20*2^1/3 (or 15.9 to 25.2 Hz).

The USA is best known as the country that will do anything to avoid using the metric system.

That quote is metric and English friendly.


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I had RA before I drank coffee and I've drank a lot of coffee since. Doesn't make a lick of difference.

If you want to do an real RA study, put people on a low carb diet and see how they do. Symptoms will improve. That extra water in your joints hurts. It's inflamed and swelling. Carbs store water so ditch the extra water.

Also, RA is not osteoarthritis. More exercise actually helps RA symptoms. It's the opposite for osteoarthritis.


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I have anxiety an coffee is great for me. I also have ADHD and it makes my feel like my body is running at the right pace. The more I have to focus on something, the more coffee I'm drinking. Coffee calms me down and I mostly drink it on an empty stomach and always black.