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He's just so out of touch with the reality of people's day to day lives. I'm tired of the ultra wealthy horrding their money and making decisions just in the interest of other rich's especially frustrating how NH politics is set up, you basically either have to be incredibly wealthy (so you don't need a job) or reitred to be involved at the state level....

He could be a lot worse, but I feel like the bar for the people that represent us and are supposed to be making decisions to benefit us is unbelievably low....

Biggest frustration is how he will not legalize marijuana, which would generate revenue and the state could support reducing property taxes, it's ridiculous. We have an aging population with many on fixed incomes and here is a clear bi-partisan solution to help people.


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Being completely transparent - as someone in education, opening a school is hard AF and I'm not about to jump into that with someone that doesn't have an ed background. Maybe you'll find someone willing to take that risk, but you'll likely be best off finding someone you already have a working relationship with that has the experience to do this. Good luck!


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Your best bet would be to reach out to the school principal and request a meeting or ask what the process is for requesting an exemption. They should be able to let you know the steps!


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Could be worse, could be better....

Like others have said, he's also completely out of touch with the day to day experience of people given how extraordinarily wealthy he/his family is and continues to not listen to his constiuents (ie cannabis legalization).


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I live in northern NH and work remotely now (previously was a teacher up here). The internet quality is dependent house by house. For example, we have high speed internet due to being in range of a mountain, the house 2 minutes down from us is further down the hill/doesn't have a clear view of the mountain, and therefore is on satellite.

I'd check out the Rail Trail apartments in Littleton. Brand new, lots of young outdoorsy people in the area. Very close to the mountains. Super accessible to 93 if you need to get down to Boston. I'm sure there's a waitlist though.

Like others have mentioned, I'd be mindful of the field you're in, ie if you were to lose your job, what would you do? Do you think you could find another remote job? If not, are you able to find a job in your field in the area you move to? Or are you willing to move again if you can't find another remote job/or onsite job in whatever area you move to? I got pretty lucky falling into a remote job, and am not sure if I would be able to find another remote job down the road if I were to lose this job, but I can always return to teaching.


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Bretton woods is very family friendly. I'd wait to actually purchase the tickets though until you get there, a lot of money to spend if it turns out to be a rainy/miserable day.