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Pinos in Highland Park has live music over the weekend. Nightlife in New Brunswick isnt what it used to be but they have tons of good restaurants and great place for plays. Also has a geology museum and zimmerali art museum both of which are free.

If it was me I would do early date, goto both museums then eat somewhere downtown on of off george st, maybe bar hop a bit on george st and goto pinos later on to see music if you’re still energetic at that point.

Also Rutgers gardens is a great date spot but maybe not the best place for first date cause parts of it are somewhat secluded, though not all.


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How about minding your business? Who gives a shit what your neighbors are doing if it isn’t affecting you?


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Bereavement leave? Trust me if you had a doctors note from a psychiatrist/psychologist you could get time off. At the end of the days its up to the parent, they can call up the school and say whatever. I used to take a week off every year to goto FL on family vacation. People take off from work for whatever issues they are having.


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The education you get from either will be comparable. NJIT’s social scene blows, its in a shitty area, the buildings are somewhat older, but classes will probably be smaller and labs may be more accessible. I would look into what research is being done at either and go by that if you wanna work in a lab or by whichever is an easier commute if you wanna drive. If social scene is important i would skip NJIT. I grew up in new brunswick and went to NJIT and thats my opinion, great school but most people are too busy to socialize.


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Plenty of people in NJ live on significantly less. Its not necessarily easy, but it can be done. Depends how good you are at being frugal.


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Old bridge has a lot of good italian food. Perth amboy for latin food, good indian food in parlin(thou not as good as edison), good Portuguese in south river, good Japanese in Aberdeen. I work like 3 miles from North end of old bridge so i eat out a lot in that area. Old bridge is big.


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Old bridge/Parlin have a lot of good food. The night life blows and you need to drive everywhere. NYC and philly are both close though and Aberdeen/Matawan have a train station. It’s also close to the beach during summer and has a lot of places to hike. Boring is subjective but there is a lot to do in the area when the weather is nice.


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They are selling an identical looking product that has half as much alcohol. I didn’t even realize those things had half as much alcohol as the airplane bottle they sell in liquor stores. They were 100% screwing their customers. Who the hell wants a shot of whisky with 16.5% alcohol?


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JC kind of sucks without a car. I would rather live in manhattan personally, as would most people living in JC. Unless you’d be saving a ton of money i’d stay in NYC.