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Cheers mate. Since you clearly know how to properly undercut a joke, mind if I run some alternate punchlines by ya?

  1. Change My Mind.
  2. But I'm willing to be persuaded otherwise.
  3. Though it could change mine.

Just a 1, 2, or 3 reply would be cool.


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>I sighed very loudly and took a bite

"What an interesting flavor. Like a savory gobstopper."

He howled in pain as I watched the remarkable regenerative abilities at work. "Why!? Damnit!"

As he was regaining his bearings and gazing up to the darkening sky I replied, "I simply wanted to see for myself."

The beast before me began to bubble and sprout, bursting into a writhing mass of tentacles, as the moon blocked out the sun. Glaring at me he muttered, "Cthulhu, I thought we were friends."

Remarkable story u/SirPiecemaker. I hope you don't mind this little addition. :)


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Reply to Going Up [oc] by M0NSTE2

Did you recently play Cult of the Lamb?

Cool style, I really like your Totoro and Grover pieces as well :)