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Or it delists and you can’t assign especially in an IRA since even brokers that allow shorting for assignment need you to post collateral. Look at how screwed the signature bank put holders were 😂


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Their vision is a little more complicated than that. The idea is that these people in a meeting can be spread across the world but still collaborating like they’re in a room together. So if you’re in some smaller city you can still get maybe a great city traffic planner from across the country to come to your meeting and help you work through it.

I also think the pandemic made them tunnel vision in on improving remote work, whether or not people will really still be so heavily working remote in five years is questionable.

I’ve tried the latest Quest headset and honestly you get a glimpse of what they’re aiming for but it’s all very rudimentary and prototypey for now. Like they’ve implemented hand tracking that lets you interact without holding the controllers but right now it can only track the thumb and index finger somewhat acceptably and it was mostly an exercise in frustration compared to just holding a controller. They also have color video passthrough now but because it has to run at a very high framerate to avoid motion sickness the picture quality is mediocre. But with more powerful hardware and sensors from 2-3 years in the future I could see this being a genuinely desirable product. They’re basically trying to use VR headset technology to do the more advanced AR that Microsoft and Magic Leap have attempted but failed due to tiny field of views that destroy immersion.

I think given enough time and money they’ll make a desirable product. The risk here is that someone who already has access to more powerful chips and image processing like Apple enters the market and perfects it before Meta does, in which case all their massive R&D spend to figure this out was just money thrown into a furnace.

Honestly they need a partner who could address a lot of their shortcomings to pull this off sooner and to share costs. They’ve partnered with Qualcomm but I think someone like Nvidia would make more sense for what they need to accomplish.