bklyn1977 t1_jbjthwr wrote

I served for two years. I think we need more younger people involved. Members are not elected by popular vote as this is not a role in public office.

I will advise you that you should have a record of attendance and involvement with your community board before applying as that will factor into the decision. Call directly to your borough president office (you may have elected that person) and they will guide your through the process.

You probably have much to bring to the table.


bklyn1977 t1_jbhylhq wrote

Nobody in this sub knows how a community board works. You can join yours. You can speak at yours. You can participate. If you don't like the board, get involved and take over.

These votes equate a recommendation to the city and the Councilmember. It does not block the rest stop from proceeding.

If you are spending all your time being mad on the internet, maybe you should get involved with your block and speak up at a board meeting.