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This guy honestly doesn’t do himself a single favor in this piece. What kind of moron complains about how hard it is for them personally when they’re making $150k??? Yes - there are cataclysmic issues with NYC real estate pricing due to a small number of rich assholes, but this piece does nothing to help tell that story.

150k in NYC is not even enough to afford to buy (I realize this) and that's a HUGE problem... and barely enough to save enough if you have a family... not denying this... its just a bad article.


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A lot has been said about it but I’d agree that nothing meaningful has been done. Getting from where we are to a better place is super tricky and no one has thoughtfully plotted out a path.

For example… people who bought a long time ago are living in nice Brownstones who if we raised taxes (as we should) would have to immediately move out as they can’t afford to pay. So should we immediately adjust taxes up and down…. Do we do change over a decade etc? There are a lot of complex questions that have to be thought about with a focus on what the middle class need… and Ofcourse none of that is happening.


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There’s definitely a nuanced approach that thoughtfully thinks about keeping some historic buildings around… while massively taxing their owners for the cost to the city - and HEAVILY focused on ensuring we are constantly building a large inventory of multi family homes that are non rentals, but actually affordable to buy.


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This is not a good reason to throw trash on the street. Plenty of cities doesn’t have trash containers every block and people just learn how to not be assholes.

Yes, NYC has a terrible approach to trash containers and we need a system that has closed containers that can handle the load of trash we have in this city … but the even bigger issue is that we have awful trash culture - we generate a stupid amount of excess waste, and plenty of people in this city just litter for no reason.


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Hot take here but the people that are destroying the middle class are not making between 100k and 500k… the people who are destroying the middle class are making millions. As much as I find it laughable that people making 300k are complaining about how hard it is… raising multiple kids in NYC is stupidly expensive at almost all income levels. We should be reforming the tax code, and getting good legislation through so that basics are affordable for all of us. The real enemy is the .01%, not the 1%. They are far closer to us than they are to billionaires and we need to remember that.