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People often underestimate the temperature the frying pan gets to because the food is actively cooling off by the moisture in it changing phase to steam. The pan needs to be hotter than the food will actually cook at to compensate for this, and the bottom of the pan will be hotter than the surface of the pan which is in contract with food and having heat actively draw off.


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Even if an experiment isn't designed to lead the witness, it can still have that effect. Experiments and analogies tend to create situations ripe with pitfalls for our natural tendency to be lead astray by language.


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Could you comment on how the 260 day calendar was reconciled or integrated with the 365 day solar year? For some reason nothing I read makes this clear.


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Pitch, yaw, and roll, are the terms used for the 3 different possible rotational motions in 3d space. They are used in aeronautics and I expect other disciplines where these are important. Pitch is the motion your head makes if you nod it.


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Pre-scientific cultures did not distinguish between the symbolic / metaphorical and practical / physical the way we do. To say the reason wasn't this practical thing but instead was this symbolic thing is a modern failure to understand that. One doesn't preclude the other and even treating them as separable is questionable.