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Since being discharged, Adiah has been growing “really well” and meeting all the milestones for her corrected age

Adrial has been admitted back to the hospital twice since being discharged, spending several weeks fighting off infections and respiratory issues. After returning from his last hospitalization, he required home oxygen support.

Adrial has now outgrown his twin sister and is “progressing well.”


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Weighing just 330 g (0.72 lb), baby girl Adiah was born 23 minutes before her brother, Adrial, who weighed 420 g (0.92 lb). At a combined 750 g (1.65 lb), they are the lightest twins at birth ever.

The record-breaking Nadarajah twins entered the world at a gestational age of exactly 22 weeks. If they’d been born even one hour earlier, no attempt would have been made to save their lives.