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I don't think he is acting ignorant. The pit bull was bred to fight bulls chained to a stake in a pit. Hence the name Pitbull. It was one of the most violent blood sports in history. Oh nobody questions the idea that a Labrador loves swimming and retrieving. Nobody questions the idea that a German pointer naturally points at things it's interested in. Nobody questions the idea of a herding dog naturally herding sheep. These dogs were all selectively bred for those specific traits. But when there's a dog that was selectively bred for one of the most violent blood sports in all of history, people like you come to their defense and say they're breeding doesn't matter. Only bad owners exist. You are delusional and biased in your opinion.


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Not sure why I'm being downvoted. There is plenty of evidence proving this. My wife works at the ER and over 90 percent of people mauled have some sort of pitbull derivative to thank for it.

Please check my pro pitbull reference for a history refresher.