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Really depends on if theirs adequate room so that both vehicles can drive through safely, if it’s a wide enough road and both can than it’s fine. If it’s not than you should always stop and wait for oncoming traffic to clear before proceeding.


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Reply to Whole Foods by ElizaSeaME

So it sounds like you live in the old saybrook/Westbrook area. I’d recommend going to Glastonbury because route 9 is a much nicer ride compared to 95.


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Since when was becoming a politician supposed to be your only source of income? Politicians were initially meant to be Good Samaritans who had an established career and wanted to help make positive changes in their communities. Career politicians in todays world are in essence the ruination of modern politics as we know it.


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Still don’t know where we are getting this “winter storm” from. It’s going to be 55 degrees tomorrow while it’s raining. Rain will stop mid afternoon and the temperature will dip into the teens Friday night into Saturday morning. The roads will freeze up yes, but it’s not going to be a storm in the least bit.