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Was it on arcade too? Nice. I was pretty young back then, and for context we had a Commodore 64 (floppy disk and cartridges) until Win95 released lol, we didn't have much money for that sort of thing. So many great memories though! I still spin up og Pirates! Every year or two.


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This reminds me I had a great Popeye game on Commodore 64 when I was a kid and it was pretty similar to classic Donkey Kong where you played as "Mario" (which I also had on C64). It was hard, a bit weird, but really entertaining. So I wonder if that game is what they were trying to get the rights to back in the 80s?



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Not that many animals feed on one thing so I don't think that is a very good argument. What I'd like to see is percentage of diet for each animal and then overall for each area, to see the impact. As well as the "accidental pollination" as it's called, that the males do since they feed on nectar and such, less pollination is always a negative.

I am not against the idea but I think there's a lot more to the eradicatin of a species than most of these studies seem to show...


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They are really great. It's called "Overheard" because it's often talking to people who work for nat geo in some capacity, often adventure/nature/war photographers and writers. Super interesting to hear their stories about their job rather than just the stories they write.