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It's a broad statement given how redditors are making pretty wild leaps of judgement based on no facts.

I'm really not sure what the regulatory job has to do with SVB going under, when SVB went under because of a bank run that had nothing to do with the job posting at all. This is like if an apartment complex burns down due to arson, and people point to an open plumber position as the smoking gun


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What? Unless I missed something, there was nothing to hide, the entire finance industry knew basically all of SVB's deposits were uninsured and just underestimated systemic risk.

Don't want to take a shot at you but do you have experience in the finance industry? Its posts like this along with the weird political bent that makes me wonder how much of reddit just a weird witch hunt.


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No, but there's also nothing stopping you for mimicking the same conditions, or just importing the goods. Like Napa Valley wine is quality because of the grapes. The barreling and fermentation can be done anywhere since its imported wood, fermented in a sterile environment.

There's probably a bit of a difference in the hops and such but you can make whiskey that tastes mighty close to bourbon. At the end of the day is a trademark thing that ensures income more than naything else.


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I read what you wrote, have you heard of the moron in a hurry benchmark? I.e. that not everyone will read the labels for stuff and will go buy off oflook/picture alone? It's an actual legal test.

But lets be real, all these things are just cynical ploys for more money. I'm sure the Swiss would totally be ok with Toblerone using that mountain outline if they came to a licensing arrangement or something.