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I have no S&B home, not really "camping" though

and nothing is "collectible", each item curated as I go and well cared for.

I apologize for assuming the BIFL philosophy and goals were left as implied.

What I am truly looking for is a small sturdy reliable pepper grinder with great longevity.


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Yes I realize all that.

Asking a specific question here.

Not a camping thing specifically, looking for a fine product, ideally a thing of beauty.

This is BIFL after all, and throwaway plastic is the opposite of that afaiac


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Yes and thank you.

7 cups would likely be on the large side.

I expect 3-4 cups is what I'll end up with.

The immersion / wand idea seems to be a way to maybe get best of both worlds.


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Thanks for that info / opinion.

My kids are very involved in the process, so hoping that gadgetry will help overcome their reluctance

They've been handling sharp knives since 6-7 y.o. also cooking aline over an open campfire, so yes I trust them