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The UH60 is a pretty old airframe at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if after 2 decades of a failing war put way too much stress on the airframe. That and maintenance slip ups could be to blame for the crash. But given it was two blackhawks it's possible it was a mid air collision.

That said we should wait for the crash report before coming to conclusions.


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It all started on a Sunday afternoon. The weather in your town was a perfect 76 degrees not a cloud in the sky. By dusk the sky was blotted out from all the fires.

While most people ran to gun store and ransacked the place taking modern body armor and semi auto weapons; you believed yourself clever. You went to the local medieval replica store and grabbed functional chain mail and a broadsword.

Yes you did kill plenty of zombies, yes you survived bite attempts. Your plan was actually working for about a month or two. Then food started running out and people turned on each other for supplies. Turns out medieval armor doesn't stand a chance against a m855 round.

Now as you stare at the sky you realize you were not all that clever.