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Yes, it would mean fewer police because more of the police responsibilities would shift to specialists who are trained to be more effective at working with mentally ill people, etc. Police would be reallocated to do what police do well, and moved away from areas where we see repeat failure in policing.

As that transition didn't happen, though, we still need more police.


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This picture has been widely published and doesn't show a Russian invading Ukraine. This is one of the Ukrainian border guards responding to the incoming Russian army. These border guards were the first casualties of the war.


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By riling up I mean the predictable rage that it’s meant to elicit : “convert 100% of new cars to EV in 4 years when we don’t have the infrastructure and EV still costs significantly more than ICE” … see the top comments. If we can’t do it in totality perfectly why are we doing it.

By saying convert a portion of sales or face fines it’s giving manufacturers a financial incentive to start lowering production costs and built an EV infrastructure, which if we can do for a reasonable percentage of new sales in 4 years sets us in a good path in 8 and 12 years


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I’m a former member of a Mormon bishopric and completely agree with this. Mormons will never actually change in their position on same sex marriage … but they are terrified of the legal liability of same sex marriage being legal and them not allowing it in their buildings. This law protects them on religious grounds which is a big win for them.

And for my part, I think that’s great. Let’s make sure it’s legal nationally, if old bigoted religions don’t want to perform same sex ceremonies then let them die on that hill.


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I worked in news, commercials and now vfx. I imagine it’s probably a more automated way of doing what we’ve been manually doing forever. I’ve worked on major Hollywood films where we’ve added a certain car parked on the street behind the characters because a car company paid for it, or swapped out billboards/signage/buildings to focus on a sponsor.

If they prep the footage adequately when they shoot, scenes could be templated where as long as you format the input image consistently it just swaps them out seamlessly. This month it features MMs, next month it’s coke.