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Glad to see this posted! I’ve been having outages all day today and this is the first time I’ve ever had an outage since switching in Jan 2021. Hopefully it gets resolved soon!


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Also lived in China for several years, Corner 21 is pretty damn authentic. More northern style Chinese food than Sichuan. Talked with the owners and their cook grew up cooking in China before moving to Springfield.


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Dr. Ichha Sethi on Kearney. Very friendly, Great nurses. I was extremely worried about seeing a new physician due to my previous primary physician refusing to give me antibiotics for an infection even though lab results showed one and telling me to just lose weight instead. Dr. Sethi did a great job of actually listening to me during my appointment and addressing all of the concerns I had. I will say that it does take awhile to get in, and she is booked and busy. BUT wait time in the office is very minimal.

I also struggle with anxiety, and after trying to get help for the past four years in Springfield, she was the first doctor to actually listen to my concerns and did not force me into a medication I did not want to take. I also did not feel alienated for having mental health concerns.