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I installed a few months ago. 30 minute install, and it's worked great. Small enough that I can hide it behind the rearview mirror. There's a YT video walking you through the install steps that's very helpful.


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Dumb advice, but it's served me well when I've been thrifting. Just because something is a good deal, doesn't make it a good deal for you.

I've weirdly been more dissatisfied with clothes I've bought that were either on sale or thrifted where I've said "I'm not crazy about the look/feel/fit, but I can't pass this up." than I have been with some more expensive clothes that I really took my time/save up for. And I have some really good thrift/consignment buys. Not knocking that at all, just saying that you can pre-Kondo things sometimes.

Having said that, I try to find a 3 way or 4 way seam, and pull gently on the different pieces of fabric that lead into the seam. If you have a sense that the stitching is going to pull loose, put it back. Read the laundering directions and make sure that the thing isn't dry clean only when you didn't expect it to be.

I'd avoid thrift rain gear - even the good stuff has coatings that wear off and it's very difficult to tell.


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FWIW, I recently had the chance to compare/contrast the Flint and Tinder 10 year hoodie to American Giant's "Greatest Hoodie". IMO, both similar quality, the material on the F/T is a little softer, but the big thing for me was that the AG was tailored a bit better. Not slim fit, but that thing in hoodies where you immediately look 7 months pregnant when you zip it up wasn't there. The AG non-hood jacket from the same material is a great sweater.

While I'm overall not crazy about Jachs quality, they are running a deep sale on hoodies/pullovers right now, and while not BIFL, they're worth the money when they're on sale. I have two colors of and wear them all the time in winter. Very warm, very comfortable. Only thing to watch out for with Jachs is that a) some things are dry clean only that you wouldn't expect to be, so check the item details, and b) they sometimes advertise things as, for example, merino wool that are 5% merino wool. Just bugs me.

I'm really impressed w/ any Faherty stuff I've bought (2 hoodies and a great heavy sweater), and am considering I'm kind of sweatered out right now, though.


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I have an Uplift bamboo desk that is now (digs up receipt) 15 years old. Constant daily use, and I use the rising mechanism 2-4 days/week. If you're just using it as a computer/light hobby desk, any of those will be fine. Just needs the occasional wipe down to deal with coffee mug rings. The mechanics work as well as the day it was delivered. 3 cross country moves. One chip when I dropped a chisel blade down on it. I tighten the bolts maybe once every year or two.


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Unfortunately, phones aren't bifl because *batteries* aren't bifl.

Separately, for some people (myself included), sunsetting security updates after 3 years limits their practical lifetime.

Having said that, my Pixels have always lasted until the security update window ran out. Spend some decent money ($30ish) on a good case protector that will save you from damage if you drop it.


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Either I'm getting lucky w/ my Duluth, or the rumours of the quality decline are overstated. I've had great luck with my daily wear Duluths and my "beat the crap out of them" work Duluths (Firehose Ultimate). Firehose Coolmax are as tough as any light pants are ever going to get, and very comfortable. Haven't tried the jeans, but will swear by the cargos.