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If the surgeon cannot communicate well regarding pre-op risk factors and care and post-op care and red flags for complications, he or she is not a very good clinician IMO and patient outcomes will be poorer. Obviously, their time is valuable, but that’s the bare minimum.

I’m glad that more clinicians, like Atul Gawande, are talking about the fact that this doesn’t have to be the status quo.

Even with routine oral surgery, a lot can go wrong once you’re discharged… I certainly wouldn’t want someone like you’re describing to perform an oncology-related surgery on me.


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what I’m saying is that you can visit the cat cafe which normally charges an hourly fee for free to look at the cats if you have an approved foster or adopt application! This is for green street rescue only; I wouldn’t know about others!


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I know someone who rented with them and said they were OK. Not the best with maintenance, not the worst. Some of their properties have AirBnbs units in the same building intermixed with regular units, which led to some bad situations (police being called due to a domestic violence incident, suspect could not be found, etc.)