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Actually, a copy for personal use is quite legal. Publishers HATE it, and have been doing their best to overturn it for a long time. (Video game publishers especially.) The only thing clearly established as illegal after this ruling is that IA couldn't lend more copies than they had, which honestly was pretty clear before and I think the IA was banking on consideration for the circumstances.

The publishers are using this as an avenue to attack being able to make a copy in a new format (which is the thing that has always angered video game publishers especially). They would like to force people to buy new copies of a product every time there is a new popular format, where right now people do it because generally it's pretty cheap and definitely more convenient than making your own copy. There are books and games I have 5 legal copies of simply because it's way easier to spend a couple bucks to get them on a new service than going through the steps to convert my existing copies.

Everyone should be concerned about the publishers stretching the ruling to that point, because it won't take long for them to introduce new formats to push repeat sales.


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>is this per 100k residents

Yes, it's a source link from the data table referenced.


>There’s not enough information here to come to any kind of conclusion.

A clear read I took was a drop in homicide rate once the availability of firearms gets near 20%. It bounces up and down to greater extremes until then.


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That big spike in firearm availability at the end. I was tempted to number the countries and leave them anonymous, but that was just as cluttered.

Not being able to figure out a way to pick which countries I wanted to call out, while still leaving all the data points in, was my primary frustration working on this tonight. But I haven't done one of these in about 8 years.