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Modified otterbox commuter. Cut the inner rubber piece out and added a magnet. Instant MagSafe commuter. Before you say “symmetry and defender XT” I don’t like either of them.


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You might. Depending on the case, we don’t lol. But like I said, Apples security and encryption is why we dislike working with the phones, but the same reason all of us own one lol. If people knew how easy android was… everyone would own a iPhone.


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We see phones with that all the time. Like I said, it sends a code to the device after 2 attempts and basically tells the computer of the device to erase the attempts, meaning the phone always thinks it’s either the first or second attempt.


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Not just that, but location data from the vehicle (if connected to car play, android auto or on star type services) and a bunch of other data. It’s amazing. We actually used that program for the first time earlier this year. A couple of our guys went to the training.

Supposedly it would also give a call log, searched locations, messages that came through and others. It’s getting to where we are finally catching up to technology lol


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I did answer this… it is possible to brute force the passcode… it’s the same way we do it daily… it’s not just gibberish. There is no ‘master encryption key’ the phone is for a lack of better words ‘hacked’ and all the data can be retrieved. When the devices are brute forced, it basically tries a string of passwords (sometimes taking weeks to months) trying different combos. Every time I tries 2 that aren’t successful, it erases the “failed attempts” from the device meaning every 2 attempts it just starts over as if there were no failed passcodes. If we aren’t dumping the data, you can still brute into the device and unlock it. Just takes time and patience.


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Having done it before; apple will provide what is requested via superior court judge signed search warrant or court order. They require a court order or search warrant though. We’ve solved numerous cases from homicides to b&e based off some of the data provided by apple. However; I have never heard of apple coming to the agency and unlocking a device.

I will say, apple will only provide what’s requested, if they have it (location, email, demographics tied to account). They do not have access to iMessages, emails, calls, or information saved on the device. That’s where a second court order and a good forensics investigator comes in. We can hack into the device (under court order / search warrant or consent only) and get all the data from the device. Not something we go through apple for though.

I’ve yet to attempt one with the new encryption feature from ios16 though. I will say they are some of the hardest devices to crack. It’s why we hate working with them, but all own them lol


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Just to let you know, I reached out to the developers before posting here (less than 2 hours ago) and just got the below response:


Currently the app only supports Live Activities for MLB, NFL, NBA & NHL. We’re working on adding support for NCAA football & basketball, and hope to have it ready within a couple of weeks.

Regards, Jeff

I didn’t expect a response at all let alone that quick. So, shows they know about it and hopefully will have it added before playoffs and championship.