blonderengel t1_jbd9hsz wrote

Contrary to law enforcement’s ”serval panic,” they don’t pose a serious threat to humans. Unlike cops ..

… who also posed a threat to the serval.

To wit: The serval suffered a broken leg during the capture.

Fortunately, “he got some good pain medications.”

Yeah, more drugs! 😆

“Taylor initially it was thought the cat was an F1 Savannah house cat. While similar in looks to the serval, the two are very different animals.”

Acktschually ( 😆), they aren’t.

Servals make up the other half of the breeding input in a breeding situation 😆 i.e. F1s are bred from a F1 female savannah and a male African serval.

Male servals weigh about 45 pounds at the very TOP end of the scale. Average weight is about 25 pounds. Medium sized dogs outweigh servals.

Average sized male F1s weigh about 23 pounds.

Also what sort of “cat expert” are they talking to?

One that says that says they got “lucky because this cat could’ve shredded us apart and killed us."

Well, I guess that’s one way to get into the Guiness Book because “there are no reports of servals killing an adult human.”