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Well, you WERE talking about the USA earlier. But my point still stand. I am not so sure how easy it was in UK, but i know of indie game dev in German who says its easy to report taxes as independent entity.

You can try to twist the talking point however you want, but this ia a problem you can easily solve if you want to solve it.

Besides small sites does not even generate enough traffics/ revenue/profits on the individual basis to even worth caring about ( i mean if you want to be principled and nickle and dime people for 5 bucks a year, sure??? I guess)


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Camming self employment is the easiest one to regulate since there'a only like max 5 of the biggest camsites out there or OF. You just have to force those sites/parent company to automatically link the income to the individuals' tax/income data.

This also works similarly to gig drivers like UBER/GRAB. make it so that the parent company reports the number.

The problem is always that USA is way behind on tax reporting online infrastructure/platform where income data is aggregated.

The kind of self-employment that is difficult to track the total income is that if you are running your own business as an employer, or if you are small-medium sized landlords.


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Maybe fix your tax system lmao. You paid your tax so that you had to get your fellow citizens to report on each other for tax irregularities.

And plus there's a huge assumption that online personalities aren't paying their taxes which we simply don't know if its true or otherwise.

And lol, i gladly pay my tax since its all automated and hassle free. Pay with just a click on the tax website tyvm.