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Many old fans of the comics like me would breathe a sigh of relief. When the first (Sam Raimee) Spiderman films came out I was so happy to see a part of my childhood faithfully brought to life on screen. Ditto the first Iron Man and Captain America. It was all going so well. I've come to hate the Marvel Franchise over time. I think it needs a long break followed by a re-imagining from a new team with a fresh take.


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I didn't say all pop music has always been shit. Of course there are great examples of popular music that I love. In fact I specifically said that in my comment. I like many of the bands and artists that you mention actually. That doesn't change my opinion that most pop music is, and has always been, shit. We just remember the good ones. Go back and look up the top ten for any year and it's 90% shit. Often the iconic songs that become classics don't even make to the top in the year of their release.


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I'm sure you can, but what about over an hour of complex music containing no "grooves" or repeated patterns? Classical scores are beasts. For the record I play jazz and memorize everything and play by ear. I also play in a brass band and although I end up memorizing much of the music to fully memorize it would take more time and effort than I have available. Top soloists absolutely memorize everything though. Lang Lang doesn't use sheet music when he performs.


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The Beatles wrote so many iconic songs that stand the test of of time but as a musician what impresses me most is how sophisticated their music is. Every time I get into any harmonic analysis of Beatles tunes it is always interesting and slightly disorientating. They used a lot of really interesting harmonic devices. Thank you for the music I say.