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The worst outage we had was July 4 2019 -- super hot day, and our power went out about an hour before a big thunderstorm came through with lots of wind.

I think we were out for 36 hours? The biggest problem was that we weren't actually part of the storm damage, so it took a while before the crews got to "no visible storm damage but the power is out to that block" and replaced our transformer.

The crews were so loopy by that point, I saw one of the linemen dancing a jig in the street at 3am when they finally got our circuit back on.


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>(also during all years of mrna development it was never tested on humans)

This is a table with at least a dozen completed human clinical studies for mRNA cancer treatments prior to 2017.

While this is a table of mRNA infectious disease trials, with at least 3 of them completed. Also all prior to 2017.

This is from a journal article published in 2018.


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The other part, as illuminated for me today, is that part of this is a radar artifact. The center of the "hole" is actually the radar site out in Moon, and as the precipitation dropped closer to the ground, the hole more or less closed around Moon (with lots of variations based on elevation).

This is because the radar shoots up at an angle, so the further from the site you are, the higher in the atmosphere the returns are happening.


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Awesome! We're a boutique electronics manufacturer in the entertainment and architectural lighting markets. Basically, we build controllers that make things on Broadway happen and make pretty lights on the outside of buildings (top of Fifth Ave Place/Highmark Building, Homestead Grays Bridge, etc. etc.).

We turned the apartment upstairs into offices, and then have warehouse and manufacturing down on the first floor. We're actually quite literally manufacturing controls right where the stage used to be.

Mostly we just emptied the place out because we mostly just need open space -- it was like 5 dumpsters. I'm digging around and can't find the photos of the cleaned out space-- it's really a lovely building.

We do still have some carpet samples of that amazing mardi gras carpet that I still need to go take into a carpet shop and ask to see the strip club book, AND I get to claim "former strip club owner" as a title, so that's cool.


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So any of you all ever been to either Bare Assets or Pleasure Ultra Show Lounge in North Braddock/ East Pittsburgh?

We bought the then-abandoned building in 2019 and renovated it into not-a-strip-club. I will tell you that my lawyer insists on calling it a titty bar.

If anyone has photos (?) or stories, I would *love* to collect them.