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Tavern on State has a small number of veg options but they’re excellent quality. House of Naan is one of my favorite places to eat, but maybe not fancy enough for Valentines. Heirloom has some good veg options. Da Legna at Nolo is nice and has veg/vegan options.


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I am so bummed about that. I’ve loved that space ever since Broken Umbrella Theatre performed in it at Arts & Ideas and was so happy when it became the State House.


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Lots of Chinese restaurants are open, traditionally. You can also look for activities that non-Christmas-celebrating folks are doing. In Hamden there’s an annual klezmer concert this afternoon because what else would us Jews do today?


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It’s got everything you listed. It’s a small enough city to get around easily, but big enough that there’s always more going than than you can actually do. Lots of visual arts and theater and music, both bigger institutions and more grassroots ones. A couple of queer bars and good lgbtq+ community behind those as well. Decent hiking within a 20-minutes drive and bigger hikes not much further away. CT ski areas are about an 80-minute drive away, and nice Vermont areas about three hours. Lots of good food too, as others have mentioned, including restaurants, food carts, and farmers markets.