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I have a tiny irish friend who is the nicest mostly friendly guy ive ever met. His immediate change in demeanor when romani people came up in convo was shocking. Went on a rant about how disgusting vermin they were. idk how common that mentality is but it was very suprising, like a switch got flicked in his head


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Honestly i blame left wing politics for making identity politics the focal point that consumes almost every topic. Makes it so that even when race can be a genuinely interesting and relevant topic such as this guy it gets dismissed as part of the lunacy.

race is not everything, its not nothing, its just something

To people downvoting this, theres a reason why NYC asians and latinos are turning more and more red by the day. Identity politics has its benefits, but a lot of you dont realize just how much obsession with it takes attention away from some of the main structural disadvantages affecting working class poc


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I dont understand why he cant understand it then. Its one thing to be absolutely obsessed with race, but it should totally make sense why it was at least a topic that held up some space in the dude in the article's mind

If you read the article the guy just mentions that race has influenced his life, not that its some all encompassing force he's fixated on


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