bluehealer8 t1_itnzgsl wrote

I stopped engaging in cordial debate with them a long time ago. I merely pointed out how they're just repeating something they read on Twitter, link them to the articles disproving their lies, and then call them a knuckle dragging red state flyover reject. I urge people to do the same. You're not going to change anyone's mind and no one asked you to save the world. Just tell them to f/o and make them feel shame and regret for opening their mouth.


bluehealer8 t1_is2mjb7 wrote

Here's an idea. Pass an act that declares any person seeking to overthrow the lawful government of a country to be exempted from the legal protections afforded citizens of that same country, and allow local residents to commit any and all acts upon those same person without fear of legal recourse. They say the law doesn't apply to them. So let's make their wish come true.