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You know that Lee Zeldin wasn’t running for Mayor of New York, right? The New York Mayor’s race was decided by the democratic primary, the genera election was forgone conclusion, especially since the Republicans couldn’t run anyone better than Curtis Sliwa.

We have Adams as our Mayor and not someone competent, like Kathryn Garcia, because many people voted for Adams in the primary because they thought he was black. But he’s actually just blue, because no color other than that matters to the NYPD.


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Public education can’t do anything for people who refuse to utilize the resources available to them. In 10 years, 80% of my current students will be on Reddit whining how they were never taught anything in school and it’s so unfair and education is so shitty. None of them will actually take responsibility for the decisions and choices that led them to actively disrupt their own education and the educations of everyone around them on a daily basis.

Public education works great, for children whose parents have taught them to value learning, curiosity, and reading. It can’t do anything for children whose parents gave them a tablet at age 2, and then stuck them in the corner to play games, in order to avoid the actual work of parenting.


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That’s pretty much what it comes down to. Roman soldiers effectively had their gear subsidized or provided by the state, whereas in the Middle Ages a knight had to equip himself with weapons, armor, and horses, and as you pointed out, good longswords were very expensive because they take much more metal than a Gladius, and require more artisanship to make. Even peasant levies had to provide their own gear, which was why most of them showed up to war with various pieces of farm equipment as weapons.

This is not dissimilar to the Roman system prior to the Marian reforms. After Marius, Rome’s army was state funded, or at least funded by the general/politician who was in charge of it, whereas pre-Marius Roman soldiers had to equip themselves and were actually distinguished by their types of gear, (hastati, principes, triarii) which was based effectively on what the individual could afford to equip himself with.


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In New York, it’s illegal. Public-sector employees aren’t allowed to strike in New York since 1947. If we vote to strike, the union contract is instantly void and everyone is basically fired on the spot.

It’s like a Mutually Assured Destruction thing cause it’s not like the city could actually replace 100,000 teachers but we can’t use striking as leverage in negotiations because they know the union would never vote on it.