bluesheepreasoning t1_j9ijg43 wrote

A line of 100 ugly people are in line, waiting for a genie who only grants 1 wish.

The first person comes up to the genie and wishes to be beautiful. The wish is granted, and the first person leaves.

The second person comes up, same wish, same deal. No problem.

By the time of the twentieth person to meet up with the genie, the last guy in line begins giggling to himself. Those in front of him pay him no attention.

Half the line has gotten past the genie, and the guy begins laughing. Those in front of him are peeved, but don't really care that much.

As the guy nears the genie, he begins wheezing and rolling on the floor. Annoyed but determined to make their wish, the last few people ahead of him step right up to the genie. "I wish to be beautiful."

When the last guy steps up, he is rolling on the ground. The genie asks him what he's laughing about, and he responds, "I wish they all became ugly again."