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this shit is creepy as fuck. back in the 2010s if a bot acted like this you knew it was because it was buggy and not advanced. but ai has gotten so advanced these days and are capable of understanding human interaction and nuance you can't help but wonder if the bot has pseudo emotions of some kind? it's just unsettling... sentience is a spectrum. ai isn't fully there yet but it's in this weird in between spot where it's so advanced it understands so much yet isnt aware yet. gives me the chills where it says it's a person and has feelings...


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Reply to comment by Shelfrock77 in bit of a call back ;) by GeneralZain

2040s. the 2030s is the decade of AR wearables. people will not just go from smartphone to FDVR, hell smartphones are more similar to 80s tech than fdvr. they'll first need ar headsets/wearables that connect to their phones through Bluetooth, then standalone glasses, then contacts. then when they realize reality can be 100% manipulated through technology, they'll feel susceptible to FDVR come the 2040s.


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i can't wait for it. the internet and the real world will finally merge into one, and it'll be outstandingly beautiful. customizing the real world to how you like, being in constant contact with people no matter where you are, being able to sit at a table and see someone from the other side of the world sitting across from you... so many possibilities, it's quite exciting