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$686/6 mo via USAA for a newer Lexus - it’s higher than some other folks even with a clean/excellent driving record for two drivers, but has high coverage for pretty much everything. I won’t go with another company even for a lower price because I’ve had an amazing customer service experience across the board with them across several of their product lines!

Plus, Gronk is a spokesperson and he’s lovable and dumb


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The Marc is plenty reliable for a daily commute and many do it. I did it for 4 years to DC and my fiancée for 2 years until Covid necessitated a change to remote work.

I think by “a bad substitute for a 15 minute drive” they mean that if you’re that close, then the Marc seems to make less sense on account of being held captive by schedules, getting to the station, and everything in between.


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Okay, so good that you asked first. If you’re not used to Baltimore and have never been around here, Midtown Edmonson is still developing afaik, and I’m not sure it’s going to be a comfortable spot for someone new to Baltimore. Midtown Belvedere or Station North/Barclay would be a better fit for a noob.

I, personally, wouldn’t consider Odenton on account of it being a burb, but that’s just me. Mt. Vernon and City Center are walkable to the train station too.


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My friend and I have enjoyed Marie Louis Bistro before the symphony before! A glass of bourbon and the steak frites isn’t a bad way to go. Even better is The Brewers Art and I’d say their steak frites is even better, and it’s great paired with a Beazly or Resurrection, but they have a full bar as well


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To expand on this - I prefer not to let my fiancée walk around outside by herself at night, but the same goes for me. It’s far less foot traffic where we are, anyhow, and less accessible to places you’d want to go. That’s not to say that we haven’t walked at dusk from the Henderson Hopkins School area to Fells, but it’s not often, and we try not to.

Having lived in various parts of the city though (Mt. Vernon, Charles Village, Station North, Bolton Hill, Milton-Montford (or Station East, depending on who you ask)), I would say to minimize risk as a woman walking by yourself, and avoid that. If not possible, like others said, be aware of your surroundings, don’t have headphones on, keep your phone out of sight and your hands in your pockets, and just go about your way. FTR, I would do this at night myself, as a bigger man, whether I’m in Baltimore, Manhattan, Boston, LA, or wherever. Habit, maybe, but I’ve been fine at all of those places in my 20+ years of adult life and have never been caught unawares or in a bad situation.


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I wish we could all have walking buddies, but that’s not a feasible luxury. I live in East Baltimore, in an on paper rougher area, but have learned over the years to pay attention, listen to your gut, but don’t be afraid. It’s quieter than Canton where I am, and may be less targeted by petty thieves and ne’er-do-wells, but same rules of the city apply.