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It really is. I’m in a first ring suburb and you can barely see my house on google earth because of the tree cover.

I spent 2 years in Seoul after living in rural northern WI and the UP. I missed the trees, clean water, and open spaces so much.


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They make such a huge difference. I’m in Minneapolis and aside from the most urban areas, we have nice large trees everywhere except for the new developments.

I hate seeing new developments where they just completely destroy the landscape and then plant stupid little trees that only grow to 10-15’ high.


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Mostly it’s bullshit numbers. A 1.5hp motor should draw around 14 amps on 110v. That’s pretty much maxing out what you should have on a household circuit. Manufacturers just like to make up things like “developed” or “max/rated hp” or other stupid terms that don’t actually mean anything but make their products seem more robust. Look at the current draw on the opener. The more it draws, the more powerful it will be.


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What’s really crazy is just how “peaceful” American rioters are compared to the police trying to stop them.

At one point I was watching a row of police advancing down a road to push protesters back and all I could think was how easy it would be for one pissed guy to drop a dozen cops in a matter of seconds. If the imagined threats to police were actually real, they would need to find some seriously different tactics.


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There are certain things I specifically go to the Dollar Tree for. Pop/Energy Drinks are frequently in stock that cost 2-2.5x as much as the grocery store. General cleaning supplies are cheaper. Hell, the toothpaste I buy is $1.25 vs $4.50 at Walmart for the exact same variety and size.

A lot of their stuff is straight garbage, but there are some good deals to be found.


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When I was deployed to Latvia back in 99, I met many wives and mothers of USSR soldiers. When the Soviets pulled out, they took the troops and left their families behind. I was on a former Soviet base in the middle of nowhere and right outside the wall was a rundown apartment complex where the families were abandoned.