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'"Charging a police officer with armed kidnapping when they were armed because they were in uniform on patrol in their own sector, risking their life to protect the public, that cannot possibly be armed kidnapping," Pizzi said.'

The words of the attorney defending one of these scumbags. Arguing that they're only armed because they're cops. Yeah, they only had authority and equipment and handcuffs and the threat of a gun but they weren't armed. They were just some guys. Some dudes hanging out, your honor.

Fucking idiots.


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It may be bullshit, it may not be but that's not up to hear say and gossip to decide, it's up to a clearly defined legal system to determine through a consistent process. As soon as it loses that consistency it stops being a useful process for its purpose (justice) and is now something else entirely (a tool for injustice).


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The worst part is it's his fault sort of, but I mean that's just about an impossible situation to win. I know I'd have failed there. I don't know many people who'd have been capable of running their lives correctly like that. It's not really his fault, at least not entirely. He was failed by society and couldn't fix it himself.


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It's still wild to me that the War on Drugs halfway created our opiate issue sheerly because the government wanted to arrest black and poor people in the good old days of overt racism. Like imagine if we'd had good regulation surrounding pain management instead of villifying everything that's not percocet.


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This latent heat for the phase change is also energy that doesn't require as much temperature difference, allowing more efficient energy extraction because some of the energy being transferred isn't received 'in temperature' but in physical state change. The Temps don't equalize as quickly because some of this energy is stored elsewhere than temperature. The whole system just gets to be a higher energy process by including the buffer of state changes.


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'net zero'

I'm curious how they got zero emissions from 70% emission reduction of processed waste oils. Like I get it's better but net zero isn't even a stretch, it's just a lie.

Carbon removal credits are nonsense from a functional standpoint although bureaucratically they're amazing. All it says is this company dumped money at a product that could be placed virtually anywhere to reduce emissions and we're using that benefit to pretend the negatives of what's it's attached to don't exist.

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Many drive cleaner tools will have a tool to wipe free space. They write over every bit that is not occupied with 'undeleted' data or stuff you're using. They replace everything not in use with new junk data that could just be 00000001 for every bit. This takes a fair bit of time but doing this a couple of times can remove any trace of what a specific bit says or even used to say.

If you save somethinn as '' and it's contents are 00000111 then delete it, it stays as 00000111, but if you delete it then wipe free space it changes that 00000111 to something useless.