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From my experience with several Keyreative sets that I've had, the clarity of their dyesub and reverse dyesub edges between legend and base colour of keycap has been really good compared to some of the other PBT dyesub manufacturers. The biggest gripes I've heard with Keyreative is their super long manufacturing times (they're still clearing a backlog of GB orders), and alignment of legends (which has gradually improved given designer's demands/concerns... (although it is a question if this is sustained over a mass order and their QC). In fact, they've shifted some of their sets in production from dyesub to PBT doubleshot to assist with that issue.


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Hi it's a prototype for the Clickitty Clackitty Catpad. As other comments have mentioned, I'm the designer, and it's currently in groupbuy ending tomorrow-ish. So yes this is a sneaky promotional post. If you Google it up you'll find it listed on various vendor sites (including a Geekhack thread).


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Groupbuy for the Clickitty Clackitty Catpad ends in 1 week!

(Pictured is Emi Vu's photograph of the XL Pink prototype with the Epomaker Cat and Pom jelly keycaps)


This ameowzing collection of mousepads catpads feature chonky kittens in a wide variety of shades that are ready to give you a boost of pawsitivity when you're at your desk typing away. 

With ten colors available for sizes Small and Medium, and eight colors for size Extra Large - there's a catpad for just about any desk setup. The pawsibilities are endless! The XL range notably features a waterproof surface treatment, because this Bongomat does not like getting soaked. You've really gotta be kitten yourself if you don't get one.



GB Date: Dec 13 - Dec 30 2022

ETA Date: Early Q2 2023*

See individual vendor listings for pricing


  • Catpad S: 368mm x 232mm x 4mm
  • Catpad M: 394mm x 232mm x 4mm
  • Catpad XL: 900mm x 458mm x 4mm
  • High Quality Cloth Top
  • Rubber Anti-Slip Bottom
  • Anti-Fray Stitched Edges
  • Waterproof Surface Treatment (XL only)



Extra Comments:

  • This was inspired by Bongocat (Bongomat was an alternative name for this project), and the artist of the original meme (StrayRogue) has given their blessings
  • The second cat in the smaller keyboard coaster sizes is not meant to be readily visible during actual use (because it'll be covered by the keyboard). But it is there so that whenever you lift your keyboard you get a cute surprise!
  • Designer: Instagram: @Boba.types ; Discord: Boba Studios
  • Geekhack: Interest Check Thread

Disclaimer: Images displayed are actual photographs, not renders. However, some of the images are from prototype rounds and there may be slight variances in color and stitching. ^ The final product will have rounded corners, NOT square corners.

This is a Group Buy, and Group Buy terms and conditions apply. The estimated date of delivery is just that - an estimate. Delays and setbacks may occur.

*Due to upcoming Chinese New Year,the factory will start the production at the beginning of February 2023, with the estimated date of shipment from China to vendors in late February if there are no delays. Variations in shipment times via ocean freight may mean some vendors/regions to expect their arrival in April/early May 2023.


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Ah no unfortunately. I haven't really learned how to mass email (I'm afraid of getting my email flagged as a spammer lol). I'll post on the Geekhack thread, my Instagram, and Discord server when GB starts, alongside lots of attempts at promotional posts on reddit. Haven't worked out the best way to let ppl know.


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A photograph of the Clickitty Clackitty Catpad protoype (XL Pink).

It's a deskmat & keyboard coaster design featuring your favourite cat! This is an interest check to gather data on preferred sizes/colours.

All the images linked are photographs not renders:

Manufacturer: Wuque Studios

These catpads comes in two sizes for now:

  • XL > Deskmat size > 900mm width x 302mm height (excluding cat head) / 460mm height (including cat head)

  • S > Keyboard coaster size for 65%/75% > 368mm width x 160mm height (excluding cat head)

> Depending on interest, a M size (for TKL) and a XS size (for 60%/65%) could potentially be made in most popular colourways. The more interest, the more viable it is! Please kindly fill out the Feedback form to let me know and if you're interested in other sizes and the colours:

Note that in fact the XS size would in fact be a more snug fit for 65% keyboards, whereas the current S-size is meant to also cater to 75% keyboards which are larger with the F-row, and exploded Nav key column.

  • Inspired by Bongocat (Bongomat was an alternative name for this project)

  • The subtle pattern design in the main area are stillframes from the Bongocat going clickitty clackitty on a keyboard

  • The second cat in the keyboard coaster sizes is not meant to be visible during actual use (because it'll be covered). But it is there so that whenever you lift your keyboard you get a cute surprise!

  • There has been another round of revisions to the production file since the second round of prototypes (photographed here) to aid the manufacturer achieve a more consistent lockstitch effect for the deskmat design, and improve the transition from stitching to black lines.

Geekhack Link: