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We did this with the Ulysses S Grant statue in San Francisco.

Because winning the civil war and ending slavery doesn’t excuse owning a slave. Even if you regret it, end up freeing the slave, and later become a strong advocate of African Americans in the military.


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Another important point is that the Texas Revolution came at a time when many other parts of the Mexican empire were also trying to revolt and break away.

Santa Ana was not the best leader.


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Holy shit my great uncle was on the Snook. He was on leave when it sank.

Edit: the Wikipedia entry is wrong. It was clearly the USS Shark. You can view the USS Shark’s Wikipedia page but it was sunk shorty after it sank the Maru and it attacked it alone.


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The Soviets actually had their entire naval command die in a plane crash around the same time. There were so many wild conspiracy theories even the CIA thought there was going to be a coup.

Nope turns out the admirals loaded up an airplane with too much furniture for their wives and mistresses.


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Oh god another “Reddit Historical Conspiracy theory” thread

Let me just state this out loud:

Marco Polo did in fact travel to China.

Shakespeare was a real person, though he may have collaborated with other authors.

Slaves didn’t build the pyramids in Egypt

Christopher Columbus knew the world was round and no he didn’t think the world was pear shaped.

Athens had a vast multiple of potential enemies and did not need to invent a fictional one.