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So what would you call small towns with little economic activity, likely little to no entertainment activities and forty minutes or more to the nearest decent sized city.

I grew up in a hick town most famous for young women disappearing and people dying of overdoses. Almost everyone with any real ambition left. If you don't have an in with the papermill or the truck factory you're gonna be stuck driving an hour to find a decent job.

Family can definitely make living in such a town much more tolerable, but absent that I'd vastly rather live in/near Pittsburgh or Philly, etc. With the current war on education by many people in such towns I'd never move my kids to such an area unless I could afford private school or homeschool.


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Only when the technology's output is limited. When it makes enough to supply all that then there's no reason to limit it so long as there is demand at a profitable price point. If your cost to produce is $3 and you can sell it from anywhere between $4-$18, yeah you're gonna sell at $18. But there's limited demand there.

Plus like, you can't do barbacoa with ribeye. Or pot roast. Beef burgundy, shredded Italian beef..... These are all independently delicious and not just things people eat because they can't afford ribeye.

I guess we might lose out if lab grown meat gets popular enough to fuck up current meat industry but can't scale enough to make the cheap cuts profitably or can't figure out how to make cuts full of connective tissue properly.


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Yeah but they aren't offering nothing in return.

If they have the specific tools you're looking for to finish a job or something, a little time for access to the tools you need likely isn't a bad trade.

The age thing makes it sound like a personal ad almost though lol


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Look, I absolutely love chubby women, but this is not anorexic. Her ribs are still covered and it's not like her cheekbones are excessively prominent. She's in the healthy range here.