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It sounds like you've already been combative with them rather than asking for forgiveness and a warning instead of the $150 fine. If that's the case, they probably won't budge on the fine. If you want to get a lawyer involved, that will cost way more than $150 and they might tell you you're in the wrong and there's nothing they can do. To avoid future fines, follow the rule. They probably implemented it because other tenants have a fear of dogs, and it's not a huge burden to tell dog owners to use a different door. This isn't equivalent to Jim Crow laws. They want everyone to feel safe leaving and returning home.


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Ah interesting. Maybe that's the reason. I've been taking German classes in Germany with a few Russians and many Ukrainians, and they've always been at the top of the class. Some of them finished B1 in just 7 months, which is crazy to me. It took me 10 months of full time classes and I still fuck up all the cases and have a smaller vocabulary that I can use off the top of my head.


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VHS courses aren't free for most people. Each level costs around 200 Euro, and the levels are A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2 and so on, so it costs over 1000 Euros. It is still cheaper than other schools, and if you have a special circumstance, like being a German citizen or asylum seeker and registered with the job center, BAMF will pay for the courses in full. If you pay out of pocket and then pass the B1 test, I believe you get refunded 50% of your fees through level B1. If you take classes full time, going from A1.1 to B2 takes about a year.


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The area of the US that is prone to tornados is huge, all the way from the Rockies to the East Coast. There are a few areas that are even more prone to tornados, including Tornado Alley and Dixie Alley, but that's still a huge area. The chance of being impacted directly by a tornado is incredibly small, and most people live their entire lives without being hit by one. Of course, if you do get hit by one, it's absolutely devastating.


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If your solder points are breaking, it could be because their isn't adequate strain relief, or you're creating cold solder joints. To the first point, pulling on a cable should never put direct tension on solder joints. You could try wrapping a small zip tie around the cable on the part that stays inside the headphone casing, so that pulling on the cable puts pressure on the cable where the clamped zip tie contacts the headphone casing.

As for cold solder joints, you just have to make sure to properly tin the wire and solder point before connecting them. The solder point needs to be hot enough to make the solder adhere securely. Doing this over and over will probably start melting the plastic around the hot metal, so it's not great to solder and resolder a spot over and over.


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Here is Germany we have window nets that you can buy for around 3 Euro at the drugstore. It comes with a coil of velcro with a sticky backing that you cut to fit around your window sill. Then the netting sticks to the velcro, you stretch it on the velcro, and then cut to size. This works best with inward opening windows, because then you can attach the net to the outside of the frame and still open the windows. Maybe you have something like that in your country.


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The article says the girl had only sprayed an excessive amount in her room, and doesn't mention her huffing it. I can't imagine how much would have to be sprayed in a room to create a deadly concentration of deodorant propellant. Is that possible, or are the parents presenting it that way for a future lawsuit?

The article also mentions the girl was autistic, and this is really tragic, so against my initial instinct, I will not make any axe puns. And now I've ruined the opportunity for everyone else.


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I believe most food born illnesses take more than a handful of hours to make a person sick, but you should save any you still have in the fridge for possible testing, and let Trader Joe's know ASAP.


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>The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs added in a statement that it was “deeply shocked” by the news of his death.

>“As head of the Foreign Ministry, he made a great contribution to the further strengthening of Russian-Belarusian relations,” it said.

Can any Belarusians here chime in with information about this guy? Was he as pro-Russian as Russia claims, or is it likely that he had an assisted accident?