booradly t1_jdhc0wu wrote

If it turned unbelievers of the miracle to believers then yes there would be quite the uproar, trouble is the faithless and unbelievers will continue to not believe it’s true. That’s the way it’s always been really. Let’s say they came out Sunday with pictures of this lady’s feet with new toes would you believe (assuming you don’t believe it’s true)? I would venture to guess most unbelievers still wouldn’t believe it citing some excuse. Even if they got side by side pics and a doctors note I doubt most people here and in the media would become believers.


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Thats my thoughts, I honestly feel bad for the lady mostly because now half the news networks in the area are going to be hounding her until she responds not to mention the individuals harassing her. Just leave her alone and let her be happy why do you all care so much honestly.


booradly t1_jdcf213 wrote

So the solution is to bother and pressure the lady to show her toes to the internet? It would be like if you got a huge raise at work and people made a website and harassed you to tell them what you make now.