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Politicians shouldn't be sexually harassing people. I don't disagree with your statement, but the least we can do is stand up for the women (and men) who are willing to stand up for themselves. It's our duty as informed citizens to call politicians on their bullshit regardless of party.


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20% across the board. I've worked in restaurants for 6 years (so I am absolutely biased.) Even when customers pickup the people making $2.83/hr are usually packing up the food, and ensuring that the order is correct. In many cases this takes time away from helping out customers dining in, and makes the night more stressful.


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Local roads suck because municipalities refuse to pay for them. The state didn't create that problem. Most of the state roads have gotten much better the last few years. Pittsburgh needs to bring back its trolley system if it's really going to grow, and Philadelphia needs to quit being shafted by the counties around it to secure proper funding for septa.