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Nashua, Amherst, or Milford I think since they all have downtowns walkable with stores you need. Avoid the country. I can't even get an Uber to pick me up. When my car breaks down I have to walk 4 miles to an Avis. lol. nice and quiet though.


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I moved here 7 years ago after my neighbor died from a stab wound in Everett MA. I am on the conservative side and donate a lot to the local church and food pantry. I want to strengthen the community feeling of the town I live in. Maybe not a typical Mass person but there are plenty like me I have run into.


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Is there any way to tip them like a GoFundMe? I appreciate their work in miserable weather.

Being without power for 2 days was a real eye opener. Made me realize I need to prepare better. Was around 45 degrees in my house. Had to sleep with 4 comforters on me. I have a well too so no power no water. I have 2 pellet stoves I use to keep the house warm. Going to get a generator so I can power the wood stoves and the well pump a minimum. Any suggestions for better prepping?


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Yeah I moved out of Everett MA and the state is a pain. So expensive. Bought a little house in southern NH. It is great no one bother me and I have a lot of people in town from going to the local church. Picked up some guns for home defense and didn't have to have an interview with the police and nonsense they have in MA.


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My mother's family is from NH so I moved there 10 years ago from Everett. I was spooked when a neighbor was murdered with a screw driver. NH is pretty nice people leave you alone. The country is very quiet. You have to watch out for property taxes especially in small towns they can go up drastically when they run out of money. It has been great being back in NH. Got to 2 wood stoves blaring and trying not to use too much power or heating fuel.


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Yeah that is what I like about the area you don't feel crowded. I am guessing the numbers are going up quickly from the rollout of fiber for Internet. Once our town got it people poured in during early Covid times.


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I am not far from Temple. Driving everywhere is the worst part. No food delivery either. Once my car died and I tried to call an Uber to pick me up. No one came. Had to jump on a bike and ride for miles to the car rental. LOL.


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I drive through that intersection a lot going to Peterborough. Maybe once a month. I like the roads there with big fields on either side of the road. Just have to keep an eye out for deer.