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I wouldn't expect people to know all the states of matter, but it's kind of sad that a lot of people don't realize there are more than three, and plasma is one of them. (and experiments involving plasma are fun as hell)


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>"His credit card was used at least twice, once I believe it was an ATM. I've heard there's video of a man using it, and it isn't Nathan. The second time was at a Greyhound station. Also, his wallet clip was found with his American Express, but no ID," said Still.

And no foul play suspected... amazing. Louisiana law enforcement never ceases to amaze me.


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Except those disks were absolute trash. You could only write to them a few times before they started flaking out. But as long as you didn't need reliability, they were a nice cheap alternative to the store bought disks. Just needed a piece of scotch tape to cover the write protect tab.


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This had nothing to do with OCR -- it was due to compression artifacts. Specifically it looked for common patterns and created a lookup table to save space. It's just that some numbers and letters look similar enough to that algorithm that it didn't notice that a 6 and 8 were different "patterns"

And that was the issue -- nobody was using the Xerox to scan the text -- they just wanted it to make identical copies like all other Xerox machines did in the past.


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As someone who lives in a super rainy area that doesn't believe in making lane markers visible in the rain -- lane assist is dangerous at best. That thing will pick up on anything in the road that happens to be more visible than the paint and try and steer the car accordingly.


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I read about how the hackers broke in and holy hell it's embarrassing. Basically they left a bunch of validation up to the client instead of enforcing it on the server. Hackers just emulated their own client and forged a different fields in the request and the server just let them do it.


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Seriously -- I almost got arrested for having expired tags. Got pulled over, cop saw I had a book on marijuana and he decided right then he was going to arrest me. He got a K9 unit to "smell" drugs on my car and the proceeded to search my vehicle where he "found" a broken pipe. Then spent the next 90 minutes trying to get me to admit the pipe was mine. Eventually let me go without even writing a ticket when he realized I wasn't going to budge.

Then, despite 10 cops being involved in this incident, there was absolutely no record of the stop.