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After I left that comment, I checked the real estate there out of curiosity and it's ALL new construction. It never really made sense to me that there's a place so sparsely populated so close to really dense areas, including Providence.


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Two major points against Hebner, who empirically should probably be the first ref inducted:

  1. He was fired for essentially stealing and reselling WWE merchandise, and
  2. He joined the 2016 class-action lawsuit against WWE over concussions, which so far has kept all participants out of the Hall of Fame

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This changes things a lot. I would say that besides Rehoboth in Massachusetts (which may be worth looking into), Rhode Island is your only real option if you want more of a rural environment while being in easy commuting distance to Providence.


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It got a lot of news coverage last year. There was a bit of a trend. Obviously if you go ride the New York City subway you are statistically incredibly unlikely to get pushed onto the tracks, but it happened a few times and everyone got very paranoid about it.


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They have physical locations in Smith Hill in Providence and Oakland Beach in Warwick (though that one isn't listed on their website, so I don't know if it's open anymore). But I know them better for their trucks, which always seem to be there when what you really want is a Del's. They're just not as good, not sweet enough, slushiness isn't right, no chunks of lemon.