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If Books Could Kill is one of my favorites. I haven’t read any of the books they talk about but its still very interesting. I was in elementary school when the internet was becoming more common. Teachers were so big on “can’t believe whats on the internet, use books instead.” Misinformation is everywhere; something existing in print doesn’t mean it’s true.


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Right. The juxtaposition of American audiences (i know plenty of people from around the world have read this book, but im thinking about my book club which consisted of people from the United States) being horrified by that scene, yet had little to say about the treatment of the Vietnamese humans whose country and lives were torn apart so thoroughly that many had to flee the country as refugees. It also spoke to the lengths men will go to in order to be more masculine- the eating of live monkey brains, toxic masculinity at its finest.


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I like supporting my community because my community supports me. It’s not a matter of deserving it or not. I want to be able to walk to a bookstore owned by someone local, and purchase a book. I want my neighbors to be able to do the same. I want to be able to go to local book events and see local authors talk.


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My local bookstore says that if it’s a book they don’t have in-store that youre picking up in-store, they make the same profit if you order from bookshop or from them directly. They promote bookshop a lot for this reason. You can always ask your local book store what works best for them.